Shares for the New Year 2018.

Congratulations to all of us in the year 2018 and Christmas!
We would like to offer our residents a modest New Year’s gift.

Connected! 2018 !.
Connection + half a year Premium tariff at the price of 2018 gr.

Terms of action.
1. New subscribers of the company, individuals, who are in the active zone of the Osokorki Online network, can take part in the action.
2. The participant of the action must submit an application for connection in the period from 20.12.2017 to 18.01.2018.
3. Connection is made at the promotional price of 2018 UAH.
4. Free Internet is provided in the PREMIUM tariff package (100 \ 100) from the moment of connection until July 30, 2018 inclusive, regardless of the date of connection. At the end of the promotional period, the subscriber can switch to any existing tariff plan.
5. The rules of the action may be changed and / or be supplemented by the Operator throughout the entire promotional period. The Operator publishes all changes on the official website of the company and on its Facebook page.

Gift — Premium.

In case of prepayment for 11 months or more of using the Internet — a month Premium (100\100) as a gift, regardless of the prepaid tariff. To activate the promotion, you must contact the support service when you receive a payment to the subscriber’s personal account in the system.

Connection at promotional price — free Internet for 8 months, or for six months.

If you connect at a promotional price of 2840 UAH , we provide you free of charge internet at the Basic rate (260 UAH) for a period of 8 months , or 6 months at a Premium rate (320 UAH).